Yankahuer Cannula


  • Shape and color are very nice.
  • Made of clear PVC one-piece, our Yankahuer cannula has ergonomic shape, curved and rigid design, easily adaptable to the tube.
  • The tapered tip and cannula angle completely avoid obstructing the visibility.
  • Its point stands fully in the immediate vicinity of the surgery.
  • These PVC cannulas, as opposed to metal cannulas, can also be used in electro-surgery.
  • The cannulas are packaged individually and sterilized, ready to use immediately.


Features of Yankahuer Cannula

It is very effective for vacuuming and clearing the bleeding and secretions from the upper nasal airway.

It is useful to clear debris from the mouth and upper airway.

Blood aspiration from tissues and body fluids.

Subjected to surgery.