High Flow Masks – Venturi Masks


It is a device that causes a pressure loss at fluid pass. It is essentially a straight short line between two conical frames. A device measures the fluid expenditure, i.e., the amount of flow per time unit, from a pressure difference between the places where the oxygen supply enters to the point of minimum section of the tube, where its final wide part acts as a diffuser.




Packing of quick manual opening.


Anatomically shaped with non-traumatic edges.

Perfect adaptation to user’s face.

Adjustable metal clip to the nose.

Adjustable elastic holder to the head.

Non-toxic transparent flexible PVC.

Capacity up to 10 cc.

With Central Flow nebulizer.

The easy, variable, adjustable Venturi system ensures fix and accurate concentrations of oxygen.

The average concentration diffuser allows the adjustment of approximately 35%, 40% and 50% (White Color).

The low concentration diffuser allows the adjustment of approximately 24%, 26%, 28% and 30% (Green Color).

Tube Length: 210 cm.