Plain Gut


  • Plain Gut suture of natural origin, ABSORBABLE, whose main component, the collagen is obtained from the serous of the sub-mucous of cattle intestine, is reabsorbed by enzymatic reaction that increases the risk of tissue reaction compared with inorganic materials.
  • The absorption mechanism is phagocytosis, being digested by enzymes in the body. Available in cream color.



The Plain Gut Suture has a composition of 97 to 98% pure collagen.

Rapidly absorbed.

The resistance to tension is maintained up to 10 days.

The absorption ends at 70 days.


Plain Gut Suture is indicated in General Surgery Closure, Gastrointestinal Tract, Bondage, cuticles, Pediatrics and General Surgery.

It is indicated in all surgical procedures, especially in tissues that regenerate quickly.


As an ABSORBABLE suture of natural origin, it should not be used when the approach to the tissues is prolonged.