• Polydioxanone suture is a synthetic, ABSORBABLE, monofilament that meets the requirements of the USP, except the diameter that is governed by the parameters of the British Pharmacopoeia. Its component is the Polydioxanone Polymer.
  • It is available in purple and is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.



Polydioxanone is ideal for internal tissues, where a long-lasting ABSORBABLE suture is preferred.

The synthetic material of Polydioxanone causes less reaction than natural sutures


Polydioxanone is indicated on the approximation of all tissue types, including the use in pediatrics Cardiovascular tissue where growth expected to be present and in ophthalmic surgery, Digestive Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Plastic / Reconstructive, Bond, General Surgery and cuticle.

It is not indicated in adult cardiovascular tissue, microsurgery, or neural tissue.


As an ABSORBABLE, it suture should not be used when be necessary to support the tissues for prolonged periods.