Hemostatic Sponge

  • Product made of absorbent and implantable collagen of bovine or porcine origin, is white, sterile and non-toxic, free of foreign particles, burrs and sharp edges.
  • It is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide and protected in a surgical grade envelope which ensures their safety at time of use.



Edit Widget Duplicate Widget Remove Widget Ensures the proper absorption and hemostasis.

Ensures the proper absorption and hemostasis.

It provides a matrix for platelet adhesion and clot formation.

Allows an optimal treatment for wounds after being applied in a surgical cavity.

Converted in al flexible sheet is responsible for its hemostatic activity and porous uniform structure, it absorbs a volume of blood several times its weight.

Can be applied by both sides.

No need to be fix.

Easy to cut and shape.

Quick integration with the tissue.

Can be used wet or dry with sterile saline serum, it maintains integrity when wet.


HEMOCOLLAGEN Hemostatic of collagen, can be used in all the following surgical indications:

  • Capillary bleeding
  • Bleeding on sheet
  • Hemostasis of the puncture in hemodialysis.
  • Clean the navel with a rotational movement around it.
  • As a complementary method to other techniques for hemostasis.