• Spacer device for aerosol medication (inhalers).
  • AEROCHAMBER or spacer designed to facilitate drug delivery by inhalation and produce a space to retain and extend the drug macro-particulates emitted by the inhaler, thus helping to better product assimilation.
  • Especially suitable for children and older adults, who do not coordinate well, but is ideal to use a spacer device at any age.


Aerochambers Features – UNIVENT

Its anatomical design allows it to adapt to the delicate facial shapes without causing discomfort and avoiding the drug loss.

It is made of nontoxic PUC, free of foreign particles, free of burrs and/or sharp edges.

It is protected by a polypropylene bag easy to open manually, resistant to manipulation.

The bag is in a cardboard box in which the color is related to the presentation type (adult, pediatric and neonatal).


The aero-chambers are for individual use.

They should be washed and disinfected by alcohol 70º after their usage, latterly protected in a polyethylene bag.

Aero-chambers Parts

  • Flexible anatomic mask that is softly adapted to face contour.
  • Plug with Flexible opening that accepts any brand of inhaler.
  • Body made of transparent polymer, which allows you to check the cleanliness and lack of foreign elements.

The following procedure is the recommended way to use the aero-chambers Univent brand:

  • Remove the inhalator cover.
  • Agitate the inhalator at least 5 seconds.
  • Place the inhalator on the opposite end to mask and place the mask covering nose and mouth.
  • Press the inhalator once and hold the mask close to the face as long as the medical indication be.