Central Venous Catheter

The central venous catheter (CVC) of UNILENE is sterile. Probe composed of a single polyurethane short term use, designed to provide therapy by infusion into the patient care in a critical environment. It is available in four configurations: single, double, triple and quadruple in a variety of lengths. The variety of lumens lumens give us dedicated to infusion therapy, the monitoring of pressure, and venous sampling. The CVC is next to a set of components required for percutaneous insertion. The whole set is sterilized by exposure to ethylene oxide




1. Single-lumen:

  • 14G x 16/20/30cm
  • 16G x 16/20/30cm
  • 18G x 8/13/16cm
  • 20G x 8/13cm

2. Double-lumen:

  • 4Fr x 5/8/13/16cm
  • 5Fr x 13/16cm
  • 7Fr x 16cm
  • 8Fr x 16/20cm
  • 10Fr x 11cm
  • 12Fr x 13/15cm

3. Triple-lumen:

  • 4.5Fr x 13/16cm
  • 5.5Fr x 13/16cm
  • 7Fr x 16/20/30cm
  • 12Fr x 20cm

3. Cuadruple-lumen:

  • 8.5Fr x 16/20cm

Features of central venous catheter

The Central Venous Catheter is indicated for central venous catheter used in monitoring pressure and for administration of drugs and physiological solutions. May remain inserted in the body in less than 30 days.