Antibacterial Polyglycolic Acid


  • The Antibacterial Polyglycolic acid sutures are coated with a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent and will behave the same way as a synthetic suture, ABSORBABLE, with same management and with the same conditions. These type of sutures have the same behavior than the regular synthetic absorbable sutures. Has a composite plastic coated polyglactin 370 and calcium stearate coating Triclosan.



The Antibacterial Polyglycolic acid sutures create an effective inhibition zone against pathogens that most commonly cause surgical site infections and cause problems to the health facility by increasing the cost of treatment and hospitalization days, and also for medical professionals to re-operate a patient.

These sutures are best for use in Bondage and soft tissue approximation.

Do not be applied in ophthalmic, cardiovascular and neurological tissues.

Absorption by hydrolysis between 56 and 70 days

Color: Purple

Diameter: USP from 5 / 0 to 2