Face Shield

Faceshield is used to protect the face (eyes, nose, mouth) against bodily fluids or potentially infectious materials.


  • Face shield PET( Polyethylene), durable, anti-fog, free of cutting edges.
  • Soft Band foam, light, adaptable to the forehead, comfortable and secure
  • Elastic band adjustable
  • Thickness 0.40mm ± 5%
  • Presentation Box x 01 Unit


It includes:

  • Anti-fog PET face shield
  • Soft band foam
  • Elastic band

Steps to assemble the face shield:

  1. Pass the elastic band through the second hole from the inside of the face shield.
  2. Then, you must go through the third hole from the outside of the face shield
  3. The elastic band must pass through the fourth hole from the inside of the face shield.
  4. Finally, go through the first hole from the outside of the face shield and adjust.


  • The face shield offers the user a barrier against infectious agents by reducing the biological risk from secretions or drops emitted by other people when breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing.
  • The face shield allows a clear, defined and panoramic vision. Free of cracks, scratches, opacity and stains that impede vision.
  • The fase shield is a reusable product, it can be cleaned and disinfected with different products, as it is resistant to alcohol 70%, 0.5% sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium and enzymatic detergents.
  • The face shield is safe, comfortable and provides adequate visibility.
  • The face shield can be used in activity or at rest, in closed, open, public or private environments, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations.
  • The face shield allows the use of other barriers such as face masks, eyeglasses, respirators, or other protective equipment against COVID-19.