Wax for Bones


  • Beeswax mixture of (80%) and isopropyl palmitate (20%) that can be manually molded and applied.
  • It is available in bars of 2.5 g and is sterilized by gamma rays.


  • The bone wax is a hemostat without pharmacological action. Its effect is purely mechanical to fill the spaces left on the bone after cutting, holding the bleeding.



Mechanic hemostat in bones for:

Neuro surgery.

Traumatology and ortopedics.

Toracic surgery.

Dental, oral and maxillary-face surgery.


Do not re-sterilize.

Discard products that have been opened and not used.

Containers should be open only in the act of surgery and under sterile conditions.

Do not use the product with validity term expired.

Medical and hospital use only.


The UNIWAX bone wax is used as a mechanic hemostat to control bleeding in surgical procedures involving bone tissue.

Mainly in cardiac surgery where hemostasis is necessary to make, in general the sternum bone.


Infected areas