Umbilical Clamp


  • Suitable for holding the newborn’s umbilical cord.
  • Double-locking prevents accidental opening.
  • Easy handling for proper cord clamping.
  • Individual envelope which guarantees sterility and product integrity
  • Peel open the uniform opening



Hand washing

Take sterile gauze by the 4 points so our fingers do not touch the clamp center.

Impregnation of 70 degrees alcohol on the navel central area.

Clean the navel with a rotational movement around it.

Do not cover the navel with gauze to easy favor its removed. The cord will dry faster when it is more in touch with the environment.

Once the cord loose, continue to heal with the 70 degrees alcohol for two or three days until it heals.

Protocol in umbilical cord care using the clamp

Umbilical cord clamping helps to stop the bleeding of the three cord vessels (two arteries and one vein).


  • The Bioclamp is made of polypropylene suitable for clinical use in hospitals.
  • The use of double clip Bioclamp does not allow the bleeding in the newborn, in contrast to the use of tape.
  • Adequate size, non-slip, disposable, sterile and nontoxic.
  • Presentations by color (pink, blue and white).


  • Prevent umbilical infection and subsequent complications for incorrect healing. Encourage the navel fall, which occurs between fifth and eighth day. In cesarean cases it occurs between twelve and fifteen days.
  • Inform and stimulate the mother about navel hygiene and care and promote well-being to the infant.