Bioseal Mix Sleeves


Sterilization packaging material that preserves the sterile for 5 years

Made of medicinal use paper and transparent film.

  • Film-light blue color to visually check the seal integrity.
  • Paper for sterilization of 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2
  • The foil PET / PP 57g/m2
  • Aseptic Opening and closing by thermo-sealing.
  • Easy visualization of its content through the film.
  • Polypropylene folio, without perforations.
  • Resistant to dry traction and rubbing.
  • It is an effective bacterial barrier.
  • Chemical indicator for steam, ETO and formaldehyde (not toxic).
  • Sealable between 150 ° and 180 ° C.
  • Print indicators are based on water-inks (no contain of heavy metals).
  • On orders are fabricated of special measures and prints.
  • Presentation in 200 meters long rolls without bellows.
  • Manufactured according to International Standards: EN 868 Part 5 (CE) – BS 6871 – DIN 58953 Part 4 – IRAM 3116.
  • External Packaging: Carton Box.
  • Internal Packaging: Plastic Bag


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