The prophylactic preservative or male condom is a thin, elastic sleeve to cover the penis during intercourse to prevent fertilization.

It acts as a contraceptive method and reduces the possible spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It does not contains NONOXIDOL

Commercial Name

Latex Condom, Blindex Lubricated


The latex condom also contains zinc oxide among other components, It does not contain Nonoxidol.



Condoms, initially used as a contraceptive, are considered essential for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Scientific studies proved its usefulness in preventing most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The exact effectiveness in preventing STDs is questionable as most common male condom; the natural latex does not protect the scrotum or prevent infections caused by epizoonosis (pubic lice, scabies), genital warts or lesions by virus human papillomavirus-HPV. Thus their effectiveness in preventing STDs round in 95%, while its effectiveness as a birth control method is higher, up to 97% when properly used.

A report from the National Institute of Health (U.S. government agency) in 2000 showed an 85% reduction in the risk of HIV transmission when correctly and consistently use the latex condom.

Precautions and warnings

Avoid contact with antiseptics or lubricants based on oils, phenols and petroleum derivatives (Vaseline type), mineral oils or other materials incompatible with rubber latex. These cause damage to the latex, which can facilitate the rupture of the condom. Using condoms correctly can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It also prevents unwanted pregnancy. Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Dispose of properly after use.