BM-4 Sterilization Equipment


  • Incubator for biological controls.
  • One (1 ) 5HP air compressor with tank 250lts and refrigeration air dryer.
  • Two (2 ) diffusion for passive monitors include ethylene oxide analysis.
  • Vent ducts shall be copper.
  • electric transfer trolley , stainless steel to move , raise and lower materials and supplies in the sterilization plant ( capacity : 68 Kg )
  • Bountiful , made ​​of materials that do not cause oxidation.


  • Ten ( 10) rolls of printer paper builtTwo . .
  • printer cartridge .



The walls of the sterilization chamber are coated with anodized aluminum.

Exterior finish black enamel baked metal , stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Sterilizing agent : ethylene oxide 100%.

Team with a single gateway to the camera.

The ability of the camera from the computer BIOGAS M4 : 228 Lts.

The sterilization process has two default programmed cycles (37 ° C and 55 ° C. ).

Our system is 100 % automatic (pre conditioning , humidification , gas injection , gas exposure , purge and vent ).

BIOGAS Team M4 is controlled by the control board to adjust the process parameters (temperature , preheating, vacuum , humidity and exposure to gas).

The computer has a built- fault detection system at each stage of the process and makes the diagnosis by a microprocessor.

Includes double safety system to the door of the chamber ( anchor and handle ) during the sterilization period.

Tanque storage of water for humidification phase.

Pantalla deployment variables during the sterilization process:

* – indicator of the process ( pre-conditioning , exposure , gas, ventilation) .

* – temperature indicator.

* – error code indicator .

Integrated printer for recording alphanumeric pressure , absolute humidity , temperature and error codes.

Relative humidity sensor with digital screen display and printer.

Negative pressure operation with a venturi system.

Catalytic system for the removal of Eto , Eto conversion into CO2 and water vapor with an efficiency of 99.9 %.

Cabin breather , supplemental.

Monitor ethylene oxide (air / staff ).

Built-in audible alarm and visual message.

Relative humidity sensor inside the camera.

Aeration time programmable default aeration takes 3 hours after exposure to ETO.


ISO 9001-2008


For personnel at least 06 hours with certification.


  • Electric current 220 VAC or 230 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Voltage Stabilizer or UPS .


  • Preventive and corrective maintenance by qualified personnel. Minimum 2-year warranty .


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