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Surgical Sutures

Surgical Sutures

Unilene offers the surgeon a complete range of sutures, made with natural materials and others with synthetic materials, so that the results of their interventions touch perfection.

Our needles are manufactured with a specific stainless steel alloy that together with a special heat treatment makes possible a material of high resistance to deformation. Designed to allow easy penetration through different types of fabrics, as many times as necessary, with minimal trauma and less effort thanks to its precision sharpening.

Absorbables Sutures

Polyglactin 910

Polyglycolic Acid

Antibacterial Polyglycolic Acid

Chromic Gut

Plain Gut



Non Absorbables Sutures

Monofilament Nylon

Black Braided Nylon

Black Braided Silk



Twisted Linen