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Bioseel Polyetilene Sleeves

Bioseel Polyetilene Sleeves

Bioseel Polyetilene Sleeves

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  • Easy to use:
  • Cut the sleeve according the required length.
  • Seal one end.
  • Introduce the product.
  • Seal the other end.
  • Easy to identify: BioSeal is transparent for both sides, allowing the product immediate identification.
  • Resistant: To water and humidity. Its plastic component gives a waterproof packaging of great resistance assuring the sterile preservation up to five years.

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 Width (cm.)Long. (m.) Width (cm.)Long. (m.)
BioSeal 5560BioSeal 303060
BioSeal 8860BioSeal 353560
BioSeal 121260BioSeal 404060
BioSeal 151560BioSeal 454560
BioSeal 181860BioSeal 505060
BioSeal 202060BioSeal 606060
BioSeal 252560