Surgical Mesh (Biomesh)


Biomesh, Surgical Mesh is constructed of polypropylene monofilaments.

It allows a fibroblastic response through the interstices of the mesh to form a strong fibrous wall; it is inert in case of infection.

It is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.


They have a high degree of flexibility, which allows an excellent handling to accommodate and reinforce tissue defects, adapting perfectly to patient’s movements.


Biomesh, Surgical Mesh is indicated for use as treatment of hernias, inguinal hernia, abdominal hernia, strangulated hernia, umbilical hernia, among the most common.

More frequent sizes, in centimeters:

  • BIOMESH 1.5 cm. x 30 cm.
  • BIOMESH 7.5 cm. x 15 cm.
  • BIOMESH 15 cm. x 15 cm.
  • BIOMESH 20 cm. x 20 cm.
  • BIOMESH 25 cm. x 35 cm.
  • BIOMESH 30 cm. x 30 cm.

Other measures on customer request.

Common sizes in inches

  • BIOMESH 1” x 2”
  • BIOMESH 3” x 6”
  • BIOMESH 6” x 6”
  • BIOMESH 8” x 8”
  • BIOMESH 10” x 14”
  • BIOMESH 12” x 12”

Other measures on customer request.